2017 Greater Clark County Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale


Setting up for the Greater Clark County Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale takes 10 days.  The first two are devoted to positioning tents in the Evergreen High School parking lot, and moving Rotary-owned equipment into place in the Auction & Rummage Sale’s 20 Departments.  The next 8 days are spent working with donated items: receiving, sorting, and moving the items to the Departments; and cleaning, testing, displaying, and pricing the items within the Departments.

During those 8 days, the Rotary Club depends on not only its membership, but also the tireless efforts of hundreds of Volunteers to perform the work.  Quite literally, the Auction & Rummage Sale could not be held without the support of our Volunteers!

How to Help

We make it easy to volunteer! For the online registration form CLICK HERE. When you fill out this form, you provide the Volunteers Committee with your contact information, as well as provide guidance on the Department(s) or Committee(s) in which you are interested working during the 2016 Auction & Rummage Sale.  You also indicate any area of expertise you have that is needed for the work conducted at the Auction & Rummage Sale.  The Volunteers Committee will provide this information to the appropriate Department Manager(s) or Committee Coordinator(s) who will contact you directly.


Contact a Rotarian: If you know or meet a Rotarian and are interested in volunteering for the 2017 Auction & Rummage Sale, just let them know.  The Rotarian will take your contact information and forward it to the Volunteers Committee.  You will be contacted to get you registered, and provide you with information on the work performed by the event’s Departments and Committees.



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