2017 Greater Clark County Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale


One hundred percent of the thousands of items for sale at the Greater Clark County Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale are donated by generous people like you. For many decades, the concept of “Spring Cleaning” has included setting aside valued, but no longer needed items, for the Auction & Rummage Sale. Sometimes these items are accumulated for months before the Auction & Rummage Sale. Quite literally, the Club could not hold the Auction & Rummage Sale without these tax deductible (see below) donations.



There are a limited number of items the Club cannot accept (see below). Otherwise, you are encouraged to collect and, when appropriate, box or bag whatever you want to donate for delivery by vehicle to Evergreen High School. In boxing and bagging items, please remember both you and the people working at the Auction & Rummage Sale need to be able to lift and carry them without great physical exertion. If a bag or box is too heavy for you, it probably will be too heavy for us! Also, if a donated item has component parts, please make an effort to pack them together. With the very high number of donations coming in every hour, it is far too easy for component parts to be separated in the shuffle. Finally, the Auction & Rummage Sale’s customers are generally interested in buying items that are unbroken and in proper working order.



All donations are being accepted at Evergreen High School, 14300 NE 18th St, Vancouver, WA 98684


  • Drop Off Days

    • Saturday, June 17th: 10:00am – 6:00pm
    • Sunday, June 18th: 10:00am – 6:00pm
    • Monday, June 19th: Noon – 4:00pm
    • Tuesday, June 20th: Noon – 6:00pm
    • Wednesday, June 21st: 10:00am – 6:00pm
    • Thursday, June 22nd: 10:00am – 6:00pm


When you arrive you will be greeted by members of the Receiving Committee. The members will:

  • Thank you for your donations.
  • Talk to you about your donations to determine whether they include any items we do not accept (see below) or for which we charge a disposal fee (see below).
  • Collect disposal fees.
  • Provide you with a Tax Receipt Form.
  • Direct you to where the items will be offloaded by members.

As quickly as possible, you will be approached by people who will thank you again for your donations, and make sure you have your Tax Receipt Form. If your items include furniture, large appliances, building materials, bicycles, camping equipment, and/or beds and mattresses, you will be asked to keep those items in your vehicle and proceed to secondary offloading site(s) located in the south or north parking lots.

People working at the offloading sites are eager to offload your donations as quickly as possible. To help them, it would be helpful for you to:

  • Get out of your vehicle.
  • Point out the items to be donated to ensure they are the only things removed from
  • your vehicle.
  • Provide the people offloading your vehicle information about any item(s) you feel need(s) careful (fragile) or special (valuable) handling.

After all of your donations have been offloaded, please exit the school campus. While you are doing so, please drive slowly and watch out for people and other vehicles.



For a list of items we do not accept CLICK HERE. These items:

  • Are ones we know from experience are very difficult, if not impossible, to sell (e.g.,
  • used tires).
  • Are dangerous to handle (e.g., hazardous materials).
  • Need a warranty that we are not capable of offering the Auction & Rummage Sale’s
  • customers (e.g., car seats for infants).



When you make a donation, you are making it possible for the Rotary Club to have a successful Auction & Rummage Sale. Your contributions, which are tax deductible, when sold, generate the revenue used by the Club to support a wide variety of local community, and international humanitarian projects and other worthy causes.


To donate a vehicle or boat please contact John Sauer at 360-281-5259 or john@johnmsauer.com.

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