2017 Greater Clark County Rotary Auction & Rummage Sale

All Items: Inspected and Enforced by the Green Team

We do not accept the following items:

  • Animals of Any Kind
  • Boats (large) without Trailers
  • Car Seats with 5-Point Harness
  • Copy Machines (floor models)
  • Cribs
  • Certain Construction Materials
  • Drugs – Over The Counter and Prescription
  • Electric Wheelchairs
  • Encyclopedias
  • Furniture in Soiled, Torn or Broken Condition
  • Large Entertainment Centers
  • Garage Doors
  • Glass:
    • Single pane doors
    • Used shower doors
    • Unframed mirrors
  • Guns (including toy guns) and other Weapons (such as knives)
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Hot Water Heaters (used)
  • Mattresses
  • Paint
  • Pianos and Electric Organs
  • Toilets
  • Truck Canopies
  • Wall-to-Wall Carpet – Used
  • Water Heaters
  • Waterbeds
  • Wood Stoves
  • Vehicles without Clear Title (or not in safe condition)

Or Any Item Deemed Inappropriate for The Rotary Rummage Sale

Thanks for your support!

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